International Association of Learning Factories

    The International Association of Learning Factories (IALF) is a group of research institutions running learning factories.

    The IALF aims at fostering the cooperation between its members to reach excellence in teaching and research in the field of manufacturing engineering through learning factories.

    Therefore, the members strive for:

    • exchange of knowledge and good practices,
    • synergies in the physical establishment of learning factories, and
    • leadership through innovative enhancements.

    Definition of “learning factory”

    A learning factory is a learning environment where processes and technologies are based on a real industrial site which allows a direct approach to product creation process. Learning factories are based on a didactical concept emphasizing experimental and problem-based learning. The continuous improvement philosophy is facilitated by own actions and interactive involvement of the participants. (Reference: Laperrière & Reinhart: CIRP Encyclopedia of Production Engineering, 2015)