11/2011 – 08/2013

    Involved members of IALF:

    University of Patras, Technische Universität Darmstadt

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    The KNOW-FACT project aimed at the definition and launch of the Teaching Factory paradigm in manufacturing education. It challenges the needs of integrating education, research, and innovation into manufacturing education. In this content, it faces the problem that research outcomes of educational institutions are typically presented to the scientific community without having been directly accessible to the industry.

    The involved partners have a strong background in manufacturing education, research, didactic approaches in production and ICT technologies. These skills were indispensable to deliver distinct results, which added value for academia as well as for industry. This “hybrid mission” wants to benefit both sides, which are defined in the practical and educational training of students and the preparation of the results for industrial personnel.


    The KNOW-FACT consortium acts as the core of the Knowledge Partnership and focuses on defining and piloting the Teaching Factory, leading the European manufacturing education in future aspects. It is constructed as a platform used as a multiplier to extend the partnership to other key players. It tries to overcome the tribulations existing, since academic institutions often fail in recognising every day needs of the industry. In order to this KNOW-FACT uses a concept to transfer improvements, which is summarized in the following figure.

    Industry and Academia combine their knowledge in industrial projects leading to innovative inventions, new educational possibilities as well as enhancing competencies. For this purpose KNOW-FACT delivers networks of academic and industrial partners, which are able to implement and support the establishment, a complete study to the conceptualisation and implementation of the Learning Factory, as well as a pilot run of the initiative operations. The future exploitation of these results will be sustained through the extended partnership that will allow the operation of Teaching Factory sessions on regular basis. An Europe-wide recognition of these activities has been gained as a promising new paradigm for manufacturing education.