CIRP Collaborative Working Group


    Involved members of IALF:

    Darmstadt, Patras, Vienna, KTH, Reutlingen, Bochum, Karlsruhe, Braunschweig, NTNU, Aachen (ITA)

    Website: https://www.cirp.net/


    Scientific objectives:

    • Provide a comprehensive overview of the global state-of-the-art of action-oriented learning in Learning Factories
    • Identify potentials and limits of Learning and Teaching Factories
    • Secure the knowledge gathered in CIRP CWG on „Learning Factories“ as a basis for future research
    • Identify and name future research fields on the topic and potential (inter)national funding programs

    Educational objectives:

    • Provide a comprehensive overview of education in Learning and Teaching Factories around the globe
    • Simplify the exchange of educational and didactical contents among CIRP members

    Industrial objectives:

    • Link CIRP closer with the industry in the Learning and Teaching Factory area by including industrial efforts on this topic
    • Raise the visibility of the topic in the industry by providing scientifically sound data