Lean Learning Factory, University of Split, Croatia

Lean Learning Factory, University of Split, Croatia


Operational Status

Professor: Prof. dr.sc. Ivica Veza

  • 8 FTEs research staff (1 ERASMUS+ PhD student)
  • 1 FTE technician
  • More than 20 days of training courses
  • More than 50 employees educated
  • 100 students trained

Latest developments

  • Low-cost intelligent assembly
  • Assembly with collaborative robot
  • Assembly Planning and Control within intelligent assembly (ERP, MES, SFC)

Topics for research and training

Research Topics

  • Design of Product Configurator
  • Design and implementation of integrated application for kaizen and troubleshooting
  • Model of Croatian Innovative Smart Enterprise
  • ERP in Industry 4.0
  • Using Cyber-Physical System and Virtual Reality for improvement of Factory LayoutManagement of
  • Cyber-Physical Production Networks through Virtual Enterprise Information System
  • Integrating Digital Factory, Lean Management and Industry 4.0 into the Learning Factory
  • Digital Learning Factory
  • Lifelong Learning in Learning Factory
  • Concept of Information System Implementation (CRM AND ERP) within Industry 4.0
  • Managing Innovative Production Network of Smart Factories
  • Lean Learning Factory @ fesb: Information System Development in I4.0

Training Topics

  • Lean management principles
  • Lean management tools (VSM, kaizen, just-in-time, heijunka, jidoka, poka-yoke, 5S, PDCA, Six Sigma, TQM, Kata, Hoshin Kanri etc.)
  • Logistic
  • Plan Layout, Digital Factory
  • Project Management
  • Design for Assembly
  • Assembly in Industry 4.0
  • Additive Manufacturing (3D Scanning, 3D Printing)


  • Beewatec AG, Pfullingen, Germany
  • FEAL, Široki Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Končar Power Transformers (KPT), Zagreb, Croatia
  • Croatian Science Foundation, Zagreb, Croatia