Stellenbosch Learning Factory (SLF), Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Stellenbosch Learning Factory (SLF), Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Operational Status

Professor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Louis Louw

  • 2 part time research staff, 2 part time assistants
  • 3 Masters projects, 3 undergraduate projects
  • Trainings for Bachelor Industrial Engineering students in Lean Operations and Ergonomics
  • 1 Summer Schools presented
  • 1 Industry workshop on Shop Floor Management presented015/2016

Latest developments

  • New, research-oriented double degree M.Sc. Program „Digital Industrial Management & Engineering (DIME)“ started in 03/2017 in collaboration with ESB at Reutlingen University, Germany
  • Summerschool for German students in Sept/ Oct 2017. Involves a practical project in two industry partners.
  • Implementation of RFID track and trace and real time KPI visualisation

Topics for research and training

Research Topics

  • The Application of Production-related Information Technology Architecture to Improve on Visual Management Systems within the Manufacturing Industry
  • A framework for implementing Industrie 4.0
  • Evaluating the benefit of an Internet-of-Things system to enhance data exchange and visibility to assist quality controlled logistics decisions.

Training Topics

  • Lean Operations: Value stream mapping, Assembly line balancing
  • Ergonomics: Time studies and Ergonomic Jig Design
  • Shop-Floor-Management