University of Twente, Faculty of Engineering Technology, Department of Design, Production and Management

University of Twente, Faculty of Engineering Technology, Department of Design, Production and Management

Operational Status

  • approx. 10 FTE involved to support education and research plus student assistants
  • supported by team of technicians 
  • different technological and methodological building blocks with related infrastructures, e.g. the “Hangar” and the Virtual Reality/Smart Industry Lab
  • combination of physical infrastructure and digital methods and tools in the sense of cyber-physical systems/digital twins, consideration of both product design and production  engineering
  • strongly used for education of students and as research platform for developing, prototyping/testing and demonstrating of innovative  solutions

Latest developments

  • addition of real time locations system(s) to track objects in the factory environment
  • extension of energy monitoring
  • development of virtual and augmented reality applications
  • planning and start of construction for new infrastructure to be opened in 2022

Topics for research and training

  • Planning and operation of manufacturing systems and factories
  • Digital methods and tools in product  and production engineering
  • Collaborative design methods
  • Manufacturing technologies, e.g. additive manufacturing
  • Flexible manufacturing concepts
  • Sustainability in manufacturing
  • Human machine interaction and  human-robot collaboration
  • Innovative learning formats


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