Werk150 - The Factory of the ESB Business School on the campus of Reutlingen University, Germany

Werk150 - The Factory of the ESB Business School on the campus of Reutlingen University, Germany

Operational Status

Professor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vera Hummel
In operation since 2013 for academic lecture, practical trainings, demonstrations and research.

  • 6,5 FTE researchers / 3 student assistants
  • Trainings and demonstrations for:
    • Bachelor students
      • Operations Management Fundamentals
      • Industrial Engineering
      • Interdisciplinary seminars covering product engineering, production, sales and controlling (20-30 students each semester)
    • Master students
      • Smart Factory and Logistics 
      • Interdisciplinary semester projects (each semester 6-10 students, 15 weeks, 2-3 days a week)

Research and validation environment for research master students of the double degree study program “Digital Industrial Management and Engineering (DIME)” in cooperation with Stellenbosch University (South Africa) and Purdue University (USA)

Latest developments

  • 2019: Moving into a new factory building with 600 m²
  • 2019: Test environment for 5G communication standard for production and logistics applications (5G4KMU : https://www.esb-business-school.de/en/research/training-and-research-centre-added-value-and-logistics-systems/research-projects/5g4kmu/)
  • 2019: Feasibility analysis for autonomous control and decision making of intralogistics systems completed in Werk150
  • 2020: Extension phase 2 of the current factory environment by the end of 2020 to a total floor space of 1200 m²
  • 2020: Implementation of SAP HANA development and integration environment at Werk150 for ERP, Business Intelligence and Business Analytics applications
  • 2020: Extension of scope of Werk150 in the field of additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies

Topics for research and training

System “Factory 4.0”

  • Design of hybrid work systems: Human-robot-collaboration in production and intralogistics
  • autonomously controlled, changeable intralogistics systems
  • Digital Twin
  • Digitally integrated product and process engineering & manufacturing
  • Application of 5G technologies
  • Smart products & digital business models


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