Learning Factory / Pilot-Factory Industrie 4.0, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Learning Factory / Pilot-Factory Industrie 4.0, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Scientific Leads

Operational Status

  • Q3/2016: Two national research and infrastructure projects with the total funding of € 4 M provided by the Austrian Research Agency (FFG project No. 852105 & FFG project No. 852103) have been started
  • May 2017: Completion of the initiation and setting-up phase
  • December 2017: Total IT and process integration as well as development of a flexible planning and control architecture for orchestration of decentralized production and assembly cells
  • Currently offering 3 training programs for students and professionals in the context of Learning Factory (LF) namely
    • Integrative Product Creation – Theoretical and Practical Parts
    • DigiTrans 4.0 - Course on the integration of business IT and production IT
    • Cyber Physical Work Systems in cooperation with TÜV Austria Academy
  • Currently offering 6th course “Learning to Increase Productivity” as well as seminars and students theses in the context of Learning Factory (LF)
  • Number of training days for the courses given in the learning factory: 22 Days including lecture and exercise, excluding examination
  • Number of FTE for the learning factory: 3 Professors, 3 Senior researchers and 1 Technician
  • More insights into the current activities, including Open Lab Days, at the TU Wien Pilot Factory Industry 4.0

Latest developments

  • Reconfigurable, adaptive and smart production systems
  • Human-oriented cyber-physical assembly and logistics systems
  • Smart Data Analytics
  • Cyber-physical production systems
  • Cloud engine for process automation
  • CNC Tool Lifecycle

Topics for research and training

  • Development and use-case-related implementation of methods and concepts for process pvent management in assembly
  • Planning and evaluation of Digital and Visual Assistance Systems
  • Planning and evaluation of Collaborative Human Robotic Systems
  • Integrated safety and security concept for Collaborative Human Robotic Systems in cooperation with TÜV Austria
  • MMAssist II: Development of modular and reusable digital and technical assistance systems in production, assembly and logistics
  • Research collaboration on Smart Data Analytics for
    • Prescriptive amd Predictive Maintenance
    • Production Planning and Controlling
    • Complex Event Processing
    • Intralogistics
  • Smart automation of industrial grade manufacturing cells
  • Cloud-based automation for atomic machine functions
  • Simulation and virtualization of manufacturing cells
  • Knowledge- and function-based modeling in OPC UA
  • Safety concepts for flexible manufacturing systems with AGV pallet handling
  • MES layer integration for automated manufacturing

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