Intelligent Learning Factory (ILF), Purdue University, United States of America

Intelligent Learning Factory (ILF), Purdue University, United States of America

Operational Status

Professor: Prof. Ragu Athinarayanan

Research Associates:

  1. Ragu Athinarayanan, PhD
  2. Grant Richards, PhD
  3. Gaurav Nanda, PhD
  4. Mao, Huachao, PhD
  5. Jason Ostanek, PhD
  6. Xiumin Diao, PhD
  7. Paul McPherson, MS
  8. Heath Berglan (Technician)
  9. Shuning Yin (Student)
  10. Jana Fusha (Student)
  11. Jacob Scott Hopkins (Student)
  12. Datta Sheregar (Student)
  13. Jialin Sun (Student)
  14. Lauren Marie Schwab (Student)
  15. Austin Ryan, Schneider (Student)
  16. Nathaniel Robert DePugh (Student)
  17. Vincent Albanese (Student)

Latest developments

New Implementations - Undergraduate Minor (Fall 2019)

  • The interdisciplinary Smart Manufacturing Enterprise minor was developed and launched in Fall 2019 to present a broad overview with an awareness and exposure to Industry 4.0. This minor is available to any Purdue undergraduate seeking to gain an understanding of the technologies, tools, and data-driven strategies shaping the transformation of manufacturing.

New Courses (Begining Fall 2019)

  1. MFET 15900 - Introduction to Smart Manufacturing Enterprise
  2. CIT 16100 – Introduction to Programming & Data Management for Smart Manufacturing
  3. CGT 20401 – Data Capture, Collection, and Visualization in Smart Manufacturing
  4. MFET 35800 – Smart Manufacturing and the Global Economy
  5. MFET 28800 – Smart Manufacturing Operational & Informational Networks
  6. CGT 39500 – Smart Manufacturing Organzation and Operations

BS Degree (Anticipated Fall 2021)

  • We are working on the development of a new interdisciplinary undergraduate program in Industrial Informatics & Intelligent Production (IIIP). Graduates of this major will understand the linkages between the physical manufacturing systems with the virtual world of data and information processing. They will be skilled in the application data-centric tools and technologies that harness the power of data for solving manufacturing problems. Among the featured core technologies include IIoT, the Industrial Internet Architecture, Cloud Computing, AI/Machine Learning (ML), Augmented Reality (AR), Simulation, Digital Twin, Cybersecurity, Additive Manufacturing, Collaborative and Autonomous Robots. This interdisciplinary curriculum will align with the digitalization strategy of Industry 4.0, particularly with the systemic utilization of CPS across the enterprise for monitoring, managing, and synchronizing the physical manufacturing and supply chain operations through the use of cyber computational models.

Dual MS Degree (Anticipated Fall 2020)

  • We are working on th e development of a dual MS degree program where students will receive a MS in Engineering Technology from Purdue University and a MS in Digital Industrial Management & Engineering (DIME) from University of Reutlingen in approximately two years. This program will leverage the innovative technology and capabilities at both the institutions’ learning factories so students can master competencies working in Industry 4.0 manufacturing environments.

Topics for research and training

Research focus

  1. Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Industrial Internet of Things IIoT for Intelligent Production & Supply Chains.
  2. AI for Quality Control/Assurance
  3. AI for Workplace Safety
  4. AR/VR for Education and Training on Complex Machines/Instruments
  5. Scalable Polymerization Additive Manufacturing


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