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    • Receive consulting on production-related topics
    • Qualify your staff in workshops and trainings on production-related topics
    • Design your learning environments and learning modules with us
    • Present your company on the yearly Conference on Learning Factories


    • Be part of a network of learning factory operators and share experience
    • Propose and work on collaborative (research) projects and working groups
    • Participate in the yearly Conference on Learning Factories
    • Organize the yearly Conference on Learning Factories


    • Earn ECTS credits in our joint learning module combining theory and practice (three learning factories participating)
    • Qualify yourself in workshops and trainings on production-related topics
    • Complete your thesis with us
    • Work as student assistant

    Become a member of the IALF

    Prerequisites of Membership

    Prerequisites of Membership

    • An existing learning factory where processes and technologies are based on a real industrial site.
    • The learning factory is used for education or training purposes – not only for demonstration.
    • The learning factory addresses one or more phases of the product creation process with close-to-reality processes.
    • At least two scientific presentation of the activities should have been presented at two different “Conferences on Learning Factories”.
    • At least two supporting members of the IALF. One of them should have have visited the learning factory (online) and one of them should be member of the presidential committee of the IALF.
    • No concerns of any member of the IALF after sharing the exposé to all members.
    • Final approval by 2/3 of the existing members at the General Assembly of the IALF (before the CLF)
    • Be active – lack of activity (3 years) means you are out

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