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    The Presidential Committee has the role of advising the President of association on major decisions, the preparation of draft resolutions and assisting in the pre-selection of potential members.

    Prof. Ragu Athinarayanan

    Purdue University, United States of America

    Intelligent Learning Factory (ILF)
    Topics for Research and Training at Intelligent Learning Factory

    Topics for research and training

    • Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Industrial Internet of Things IIoT for Intelligent Production & Supply Chains.
    • AI for Quality Control/Assurance
    • AI for Workplace Safety
    • AR/VR for Education and Training on Complex Machines/Instruments
    • Scalable Polymerization Additive Manufacturing
    Prof. Vera Hummel

    ESB Business School, Germany

    Topics for Research and Training at at Werk150

    Topics for research and training

    • Design of hybrid work systems: Human-robot-collaboration in production and intralogistics
    • autonomously controlled, changeable intralogistics systems
    • Digital Twin
    • Digitally integrated product and process engineering & manufacturing
    • Application of 5G technologies
    • Smart products & digital business models
    Prof. Peter Plapper

    University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    Operational Excellence Laboratory
    Topics for Research and Training at Operational Excellence Laboratory

    Topics for research and training

    • Research focus

      • Lean Manufacturing and beyond (Industry 4.0)
      • Value Stream Mapping
      • Process Optimization
      • Augmented Reality and Digital Manuals
      • Quality Management
      • Increasing productivity and reducing lead time
      • Production Planning and ControlInformation systems in learning factory


    • Topics for training

      • Lean Manufacturing
      • Industry 4.0
      • Paper less assembly instructions
    Christian Ramsauer
    Prof. Christian Ramsauer

    Graz University of Technology, Austria

    LEAD Factory
    Topics for Research and Training at LEAD Factory

    Topics for research and training

    • Holistic concept of agility to proactively prepare for uncertainties
    • Age appropriate worker assistance and workplace design
    • Teaching concepts based on skill requirement of the workforce of the future
    • Lean Management: Lean principles, logistics principles, 5S, value stream mapping, line balancing, shop floor management, etc.
    • Energy Efficiency: Energy measurements, methods to decline energy consumption
    • Agility: Uncertainty and its impact on manufacturing, monitoring to early detect and fast react, governance & organization, strategic alignment, operational agility levers
    • Digitalization: Digitalization technologies, implementation of digitalization projects and strategy, digital business models
    Wilfried Sihn

    Prof. Wilfried Sihn

    Vienna University of Technology, Austria
    Fraunhofer Austria

    Pilot Factory Industrie 4.0
    Fraunhofer Austria

    Topics for Research and Training at Pilot Factory Industrie 4.0

    Topics for research and training

    • AI-based Production and Maintenance Planning: Artificial intelligence to increase productivity; IIoT solutions for maintenance; innovative service concepts e.g. chaptbots in maintenance
    • Cyber-physical assembly and logistics systems: Assisting human workers instead of replacing them; cyber-physical assembly and logistic systems to master production challenges of the future
    • Human-centered design of production systems: Design of optimized work-processes for human; realtime ergonomic evaluation of workplaces
    • Work-based Learning: Human-machine reciprocal learning; focus on professional training with e.g. digital learning assistance systems
    • Human-robot-collaboration: Collaboration between human and robot in several use cases, e.g. assembly process of 3D printing panels
    • Digital assistance systems: Planning, implementation and integration of digital assistance systems; step-by-step worker guidance with XR
    Dr. Puay Siew Tan

    Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore

    Model Factory@SIMTech
    Topics for Research and Training at Model Factory@SIMTech

    Topics for research and training

    • Contextual & Dynamic Planning for Adaptive Enterprise
    • Prescriptive and Predictive Models for Robust Shop Floor
    • Common Models for Cyber Physical Production System
    • Industrial AI and analytics
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Online Product Quality Monitoring
    • Real-Time Resource Management for Job Dispatching
    • Digital Transformation & Innovation™ (DTI™) Programme
    • Implement Manufacturing Data Mining Techniques Programme
    Prof. Sebastian Thiede

    University of Twente, The Neatherlands
    Topics for Research and Training

    Topics for research and training

    • Smart manufacturing solutions based on Cyber Physical Production System (CPPS) framework (e.g. data acquisition strategies, machine learning and factory simulation, decision support and control)
    • Methods for factory planning and operation (e.g. layout planning, planning and control, quality management, lean management)
    • Innovative manufacturing systems/factory concepts (e.g. flexible production systems, scale up scenarios)
    • Sustainable manufacturing (e.g. energy and resource efficiency)
    • Human factors in manufacturing systems (e.g. occupational health and safety, ergonomics, workplace design)